Treatment & Rehab Program

Treatment & Rehab Program

Samzang Retreat Centre (Residential drug & alcohol rehabilitation) – Our residential drug and alcohol addiction treatment services are wide-ranging and comprehensive. From detoxification to reintegration into the society, our evidence-based program is designed to meet the treatment needs of our clients in various points in their recovery. We help our clients develop skills and resources so that they need to become healthy individuals and to maintain an enhanced quality of life. Our clients in the residential program live together with the peer counselors in a supportive and caring environment.

Our clients will undergo a counseling and structured therapeutic program designed on evidence-based treatment models, therapeutic communities program (TCs) and cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), and Buddhist based spiritual program (meditation, teaching and retreats). In addition nature guided therapy, spiritual therapy, and assistance in finding employment after treatment are also offered.

• Detoxification safe and medical management of withdrawal
• Treatment of underlying disorders
• Medical Screening and assessment to identify the presence of severe substance-related mental disorders, as well as other areas of medical concern that needs to be addressed by medical professional (TB and other communicable disease)

• Clients shall be allowed to attend the rehab program only upon receiving the recommendation or referral letter from the approved treatment center like Psychiatry Department, JDWNRH, Thimphu.
• Once, the assessment is complete and satisfied, an intake is completed by the caseworker and will decide on the start date for the treatment

Treatment Planning:
• Our counselors will work closely with the client to determine the best treatment plan to address primary problems, client goals and how to achieve them
• The treatment components include motivational interviewing, stress management, psychotherapy (individual and group counseling), psycho-education and life skills building, family counseling, relapse prevention and recovery management; and case management .
• As part of the holistic rehabilitation treatment, spiritual programs such as meditation, Buddhist teachings will be integrated to help the clients align their mind, body and spirit together
• Treatment will be 3 months long

Continuum of Care:
• After completion of the rehabilitation program, clients will be given a “care plan” specifying their needs, the ways in which those needs could be addressed by various service providers, and how the plan will be monitored, evaluated and revised as necessary. All clients will be assigned a counselor who will follow up with the client regularly

Reintegration and Mentorship Program:
• If possible, clients will be linked to prospective employers through internship/industrial trainings
• All clients will be assigned a counselor who will follow up with the client regularly, and to make sure “care plan” is followed accordingly
• If required, clients will also attend intensive outpatient counseling and NA/AA meetings to ensure they remain in recovery


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