Petition Drive

Petition Drive

A day advocacy campaign on illegal psychotropic drugs trafficking and peddling in the country with a theme “Act Now, Stand against Drugs trafficking and peddling”. As a part of programme CPAB have conducted signature drive or petition signing to solicit support from general public under the following recommendation:
1. That our laws on drugs and illegal narcotic substances be reviewed and revised with special focus on the needs of a stringent control on the drug peddlers with highest possible degree of penalty to accomplish necessary deterrence effect in our law enforcement and to snuff the menacing evil at the very root of its cause; and
2. That, pending the legislative process for the review and revision of laws on the drugs and illegal narcotic substances, the Honorable Prime Minister and the Government should appeal to His Majesty the Druk Gyalpo for the issuance of an appropriate Royal Ordinance for the same purpose which may be put into immediate force and remain enforced till the appropriate legislative acts are enacted by Parliament.
3. That, more programmes on drugs education and prevention, intervention and treatment and rehabilitation services are prioritized at the national level.
Total of 13, 700 signatures were collected from general public supporting stringent law against drug traffickers and stronger support to the dependent.


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